Weston County School District #7



Whats New

Robotics Competition @ Casper: February 17th




Current News

Christmas Break Starts: Friday, December 22nd

Teacher Work Day: Wednesday, January 3rd

School Resumes: Thursday, January 4th




Coming Soon

All State Music @ Evanston: January 15-16




Curriculum and Instruction


      The Weston County School District #7 Body of Evidence (BOE) plan was successfully reviewed in the spring of 2010.  The plan was scored in the following five areas: standard setting, consistency, comparability, fairness, and alignment. All districts in Wyoming must have a plan in place for assessing standards.    The Upton Body of Evidence plan was scored by peers from districts around the state and the plan met expectations in all five areas and is approved by the Wyoming Department of Education.
The district continues to use the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment to assess our student’s growth in the areas of math, reading, language usage, and science.  This assessment is given at least twice a year to numerous grade levels.  The purpose of the assessment is to show individual growth and teachers evaluate the data to align curriculum and interventions to targeted students as well as guide educational decisions for all students.
More concurrent college/high school courses have been explored for offerings at Upton High School, and will continue to be explored.  The district will continue to explore future concurrent courses in the areas of vocational, science, and math. Read 180 is an initiative used in the middle and high school.  The program is for identified students needing reading interventions to improve reading fluency and comprehension.  The initiative is a three prong approach including technology, teacher one-on-one, and individual reading practice.